Description:  The outfitter operates on exclusive properties for Mule Deer Hunting located in the Texas Panhandle and Trans-Pecos regions of the state, and encompass over 275,000 private acres of prime mule deer habitat which are unsurpassed in the industry. They are qualified for the MLDP (Managed Land Deer Permit) program which lengthens the hunting season from the Texas mandated 17 day season to 90 consecutive days due to increased range management practices. This allows them to harvest trophy mule deer bucks in conjunction with management bucks in order to balance their mule deer herd and obtain maximum genetic potential on these private ranches.

Elevations on these ranches vary from 3000 feet in the Texas Panhandle plains and gradually increase to 7000 feet in the Davis Mountains high country of West Texas. These areas present a combination of limestone and granite geology, native grasses, cedar, oak and juniper in the high elevations and desert vegetation such as prickly pear cactus, cat claw, white brush and mesquite in the lower elevations. Implementing an intensive feeding program in 2006 has aided in additional nutrition that has dramatically improved our overall mule deer program. They adjust the feed mix at different times of the year according to the seasonal climate and the nutritional needs of our Texas mule deer. This has dramatically localized their mule deer herd and resulted in higher numbers, increased antler development and elevated fawn crop from an average of 30% to over 70% reproduction annually. Their most recently completed mule deer aerial survey in 2013 showed a ratio of 1.2 bucks per doe. 

The outfitter conducts safari-style hunting techniques while utilizing jeeps, ATV’s and ranch vehicles equipped with high-racks which allows us to access thousands of acres daily covering as much country as possible to locate mature bucks. Optics are a very crucial part of West Texas Mule Deer hunting with an extreme amount of glassing done and multiple hours spent daily field judging and evaluating game. Hunting mule deer is done slowly and methodically by spending multiple hours daily glassing, walking draws and canyons with an extreme amount of patience and persistence. You can reasonably expect to see 50-75 mule deer per day with weather permitting with a realistic number of 1/3 being bucks.

Accommodations:  Due to the numerous leases they are operating from, their lodging and camps vary from one property to the next. Some are nice lodges with all amenities, some are basic ranch houses and some locations are motels depending on the hunt facilitated. Regardless, all are well suited for their hunters and observers alike, for large corporate groups or a father-son getaway and they ensure a clean comfortable stay while hunting.

Amenities include central heat and air, full kitchens, baths, towels, linens, private bedrooms, washer, dryer, satellite television, and shaded porches. They take our accommodations and facilities as seriously as we do our hunting. It's a plus after a day in the field to relax with all the modern amenities of home to make your stay with more enjoyable.

Transportation/Getting there:  hunters fly into Midland, El Paso or Lubbock Texas depending on the hunt area and begin a short 1-2 hour drive to the lodge.

Mule Deer:

Hunting license
Your firearm
TSA approved hard-shell airplane lockable gun-case
Soft-sided gun case
Ammunition for firearm (2 boxes or 40 rounds)
Shooting sticks
Comfortable hunting boots
Heavy and light socks
Full camouflage clothing including face-mask
Florescent orange hat
Stocking cap
Rain gear
Heavy and light hunting jacket
Long underwear
Hunting knife
Camp Slippers/shoes
Comfortable camp shirt and pants
Insect repellant

Personal Items:

Ear plugs
Toiletries and personal affects
Medical prescriptions & pain relievers
Lip balm & sunscreen


Call for rates and package options for trophy or management bucks.


-Management Mule Deer may be added to Trophy Mule Deer hunt if tag allocation is available (call for pricing)

-1x1 guide fee available, call for pricing

-Additional hunting days may be added to any trip

-Free-range Aoudad sheep may be added for a fee

-Javalina may be added to a hunt for a trophy fee

Dates:  November 1 through the end of January 

Included:  meals and lodging, transportation during the hunt in 4-wheel drive Jeeps or pickups, service of professional guides (2x1), trophy prep of game taken

Not Included:  airfare and transportation to the lodge, taxidermy, expediting of trophies, game processing, and tips/gratuities

Approximate license cost:  Non-resident type 105 - $320

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