Description:  Each year the state of Utah issues us only so many landowner tags per given amount of acres that landowners own. These landowner tags are issued for deer and elk only.

This outfitter offers a five-day hunt with one guide per client. On their ranch you will be pleased to see large quantities of quality mule deer. Clients average 100% harvest success with some clients passing up bucks up to 28," while looking for that buck of a lifetime! They generally take bucks averaging 24" to 30" in width. In any given five-day period, we figure a person may view as many as 50 different bucks, pretty easily.

Limited Draw Tags: The state of Utah offers limited-entry drawings for buck mule deer. The unit that this outfitters’ ranch lies within is called the South Slope/Diamond Mountain Unit. A person must put an application to the state for a drawing of one of these permits. If you draw, then this outfitter would love to take you hunting on their ranch. They have a good number of deer on their property with prospects of some very large bucks.

Accommodations:  This outfitter offers full-service lodges and camp trailers, where you will be served breakfast, dinner and provided with a sack lunch for midday or return to camp for lunch. Keep in mind that when staying in a cabin or camp trailer in the winter months we will not have running water. They limit camps to avoid overcrowding but still allow for plenty of camaraderie. Practice targets will be available to keep you tuned up for that chance at a trophy.

Transportation/Getting there:  hunters who fly will have several airports to choose from including Rocks Springs, Wyoming, Salt Lake City, or Vernal Regional Airport. Hunters who drive will meet in Vernal, Utah.

Mule Deer:

Hunting license
Your firearm
TSA approved hard-shell airplane lockable gun-case
Soft-sided gun case
Ammunition for firearm (2 boxes or 40 rounds)
Shooting sticks
Comfortable hunting boots
Heavy and light socks
Full camouflage clothing including face-mask
Florescent orange hat
Stocking cap
Rain gear
Heavy and light hunting jacket
Long underwear
Hunting knife
Camp Slippers/shoes
Comfortable camp shirt and pants
Insect repellant

Personal Items:

Ear plugs
Toiletries and personal affects
Medical prescriptions & pain relievers
Lip balm & sunscreen


Landowner Tag – 5 Day Hunt (1x1) – $11,000 per person

*extra days are $600 per day

Limited Entry Draw Tag - 5 Day Hunt (1x1) - $5500 per person

*extra days are $600 per day

Dates:  Archery - August 15 to Sept. 11, Muzzleloader - Sept. 23 to Oct. 1, and Rifle Oct. 17 to Oct. 25

Included:  lodging and meals, guiding (1x1) and professionally trained dogs, and trophy prep of game taken

Not Included:  airfare and transportation to camp, hunting licenses, meat processing, taxidermy, and tips/gratuities 

Approximate license cost:  Non-resident hunting license - $65, Non-resident muley permit - $468

Note: tags must be applied for in early February until early March.

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